Frequently Asked Questions


For the safety of the photographer, staff and clients, MASKS ARE REQUIRED and nonessential guest ARE NOT allowed on set of your scheduled photo session in studio or on location. NO EXCEPTIONS. The only guests that will be allowed inside are those that will be photographed in the session. Please DO NOT come to your scheduled photo session if you feel sick and that includes you having a common cold. PLEASE ALERT the photographer if you have any environment related allergies that may cause you to cough or sneeze. The photographer has the right to cancel or end any photo session early if the client appears to exhibit ANY COVID-19 related symptoms. The studio space is cleaned and sanitized after every appointment.


What are Kulture Kreation Ateliers Terms & Conditions? 

-To reschedule an appointment, please return to the the same email you used to make your original reservation, and then select the "Change/Cancel Appointment" tab. From there, you will be able to select a new date and time. All appointments within 48 hours of the reservation time are final unless appointment insurance has been purchased. Refunds are not provided and payments are not transferable to future reservations without appointment insurance. In the event that company property, equipment, or props are damaged by you or your guests during your session, Kulture Kreations Atelier has the right to withhold your photo gallery until payment for a replacement or repair has been received.

What is Kulture Kreation Ateliers refund policy?

- All sales are final. No refunds are provided. If something happens that is directly related to Kulture Kreations Atelier, you will be given re-shoot session free of charge. All services/products are final.

If I'm running late to my appointment, what are my options?

- We have provided multiple options to assist in any unfortunate circumstances causing you to arrive late for your session. First, you can email our Reservations Department ( to make them aware so that they can communicate with the photographer. Second, upon arrival you can ask the photographer if you are able to purchase a session extension (if there aren't other appointments after you). Third, if you can't make your appointment at all you can purchase Rescheduling Insurance to avoid losing your appointment investment. 

Does arriving late to my appointment cause any changes to my session time? 

- Please know that late arrivals and "prep time" in the dressing room will count against your session time. We recommend that you reserve a session with the amount of time that will accommodate your expectations for your session. To ensure your appointment starts on time we recommend arriving dressed in your first outfit with your hair and makeup done.

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

- All appointments within 48 hours or less of the start time are 100% confirmed and are unable to be changed, refunded, or canceled (unless appointment insurance has been purchased for said appointment).

- To reschedule an appointment, please return to the same email you used to make your reservation and then select the "Change/Cancel Appointment" tab. From there, you will be able to select a new date and time.

Is the full payment required to book an appointment?

- No. For all photography services a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the appointment.

If I need to cancel my appointment, will I get my money back?

- No.  A new session will be given once the reservation department has been notified that you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. A new session must be rescheduled within 30 days of the original appointment date or the payment will be forfeited.


How many poses, images and outfit changes come with my session? 

- Each session comes with UNLIMITED poses and images.  Outfit and background changes are set according to the session you choose. The quantity of images taken will vary based on the time it takes for you to change clothes, review your photos as they are taken, how many different backdrop colors are used, etc.

How many outfits can I do in 30min?

- 30 minutes is enough time to do 1 outfit .  However 2 outfit changes can possibly be accommodated if the same backdrop color is used, you change outfits quickly and arrive on time.

Can I use the chairs/couches that I see on your Instagram page during my session?

- Yes. ​

How soon will I get my pictures back after my appointment?

- Edited Images will be selected at the studio after the session has ended. Edited Images will be emailed within 5-10 business days, Unless a rush fee has been purchased. Weekends and holidays ARE NOT considered business days. 

How many edits come with my package?

- Most of our clients love their images without any retouching needed. However, each session will come with a set amount of edits which is listed in the session description.  Additional edits can be purchased after your session for $25 per photo.

How soon will I get my edits back after ordering?

- The typical turnaround time is 5-10 business days after selecting the images you want edited unless you have a large order or if a large order was placed before yours. In this case, the turnaround time can be longer.

How do I let you know which pictures I would like to be retouched?

- Edit selections will take place at the studio after your session ends.


- Out of town sessions will require a traveling fee depending on the location. Outdoor sessions will begin before noon. Please notify the photographer that you would like to shoot outside before booking.


Some of our Additions

  • Additional Person - $25/Person

  • Additional Retouched Photo - $25/Photo

  • Express Retouching - $150, turnaround 24HRS

  • Rush Retouching - $75, turnaround 2-3 business days

  • Additional Hour - $75/Hr

  • Simple Graphics - $35

  • Additional Solid Colored Backdrop - $15

  • Monday Session - $75

  • After Hours Session - $75

  • Same Day Session - $75 ( needs approval first )

All Custom Orders Must Require An Invoice To Receive Payment